King Henry’s House Rules


I, King Henry, the Top Cat and Chief Execucat, remind all present and future felines of the House Rules.

1. My lap = My hoomans.

If I want to sit on the lap, you must move.

2. Hoomans’ bed = My bed.

You may sleep on the furthest corner from the window. Not between the hoomans. Not by the window.

3. My cookies = always my cookies.

Don’t think you can come and finish some that I leave for a snack for later. They are not for you.

4. This is my box. Stay. Out.

Why do I even have to explain this? (And don’t store your toys there, either.)

5. Kibble. I will leave you some. Wait your turn.

I’m bigger than you. I will sit on you and cause you a world of hurt.

6. Dude. Seriously. COVER YOUR POO!

And lay off chewing on the plants. They give you gas.

7. If I am napping, go away.

Trust me on this one. You’ll live longer.